Monday, March 24, 2014

Peanut Batter

It's another Comic That Never Existed! 

Emerald Peanut and Widget #1 from July 2008.

The Emerald Peanut gained superpowers from eating an entire jar of green radioactive peanut butter made from Martian peanuts. 

She teams up with Widget, a gadget wielding hero, to battle aliens, super villains, and extra-dimensional monsters. 

In their debut issue, we get a 2 page origin story followed by an invasion of the Fire Bats of Vulcan under the control of a mysterious Martian seeking the source of EP's new powers.

The comic lasted 4 issues, then spun off into a successful series of illustrated prose books including Emerald Peanut vs. the Ninjas of Neptune, Emerald Peanut vs. the Living Toolbox, Emerald Peanut and Widget go to Mars, and Emerald Peanut and Widget meet Frankenstein.

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