Friday, June 5, 2015

Coming Soon: Denver Zine Fest & Multiversal Pictures

I am currently busy preparing to attend the Denver Zine Fest at the end of June, and much of my time has been diverted away from drawing Brain Teaser to getting mini-comics and other stuff ready for my first ever convention! I'm really excited about this and if you are in Denver on June 27th, I hope you'll stop by and say, 'Hello'!

With that in mind, over the next couple weeks I'll be presenting a side project done in conjunction with Larry King, my talented partner on the Media Montage Podcast. Larry kindly agreed to help me out with some fill-in materials while I get ready for the Zine Fest You should check out his awesome art and comics at his Deviant Art page. I'll also have a bunch of Larry's comics for sale at my table, so come check it out!

Larry and I frequently look at movies on the podcast and we began imagining movies that seem like they could or should exist. We figured in an infinite multiverse, any movie that could exist, does exist in the Universe Next Door. So in the tradition of Comics That Never Existed, we present:

Movie Posters for Movies From the Universe Next Door.
Look for them starting next Monday!

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