Monday, June 8, 2015

Multiversal Pictures Presents: Karate Mann (2015)

Karate Mann (2016) - In his youth Eddie Mann (Danny McBride) learned all about being a man from his karate teacher and mentor Mr. Lee (James Hong). After Mr. Lee's death Eddie's life is in shambles. 

He's losing his business, his wife Judith (Jane Krakowski) and what's left of his self respect.

His dojo is losing students to the corporate run Kobra Kool Dojos owned by Mr. Lee's creepy rival Franklin 'the Kobra' Cohenburg (Henry Winkler). Eddie suspects his wife is cheating on him with his former best friend Alan (Ken Marino) who now runs the Kobra Kool Dojo in Eddie's neighborhood., and he has no idea what his last loyal employee, Jack (Al Leong), is up to in the dojo after hours. 

Haunted by near constant, taunting visions of the late Mr. Lee, Eddie has to put his life back together before it's too late, using the only thing he's ever known - karate!  

Clever fight sequences meet hilarious comedy in the sleeper hit of 2015 Karate Mann!

Art by Larry King

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