Monday, June 29, 2015

Be All That You Can Bee

Would you consider uploading your consciousness or enhancing your intelligence in a posthuman/transhuman future?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Accidental Cartoonist: Zine Fest Part 2

If you are visiting the site for the first time due to meeting me or picking up one of my mini comics at Denver, thank you and it was awesome meeting and talking with you at  Zine Fest!

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The Accidental Cartoonist: Denver Zine Fest

Yesterday I attended Denver Zine Fest 2015 put on by The Denver Zine Library and Denver Art Society. This was a fantastic event, I met tons of cool local creators, and there was a steady crowd over the course of the whole day. I stayed busy talking with other zinesters, cartoonists, and fans of the whole zine/minicomics DIY ethos. I really want to commend Kelly and the rest of the crew for putting this together!

It wasn't a large convention by any stretch and that was its great strength as an event. Everyone there was very into what the creators were doing and promoting. No celebrity photo ops here, just people making things, and putting them into the hands of readers. I had a table and was selling mini comic compilations of Brain Teaser as well as some minis of material at Blank Tape Comics.  I also had some of Larry King's stuff for sale and one of his pieces was seemingly irresistible to the crowds. We'll talk about that more on this week's Media Montage Podcast!

I had great neighbors, including Chris from the Uncommon Futures zine, Zak from Midspace, and a bunch other stuff. The event gave me a lot to think about, as it was the first time I've ever had a table. Talking with other creators, and seeing how they promote, design and distribute has me rethinking some old approaches and considering many new ones.  I'm really glad I went for the table instead of just attending as a visitor. Getting the 'behind the table' perspective was eye-opening.  I will definitely be attending next year if this becomes an annual event.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Multiversal Pictures: Out of Time

Out of Time (1969) Three women, all... Out of Time. They are connected by a single link - Blood. 

Ms. July (Yvonne Craig) is a time agent from the far off future of 20XX, whose own bloodline becomes threatened by time assassin Mr. Ram (Terence Stamp) who's plotting to kill her ancestors!

Traveling back in time to Nazi Germany she meets her great, great, great grandmother Helga (Julie Newmar) and eventually ventures back to 10,000 B.C. to fight Mr. Ram alongside her ancestor Ta'roon (Helen Mirren). Can Ms. July save her future by traveling to the past, before she's out of time?

Produced by William Dozier (TV's Batman) and Sergio Leone (Fistful of Dollars) with script by Lorenzo Semple, and directed by Tonino Valerii (Day of Anger). The film premiered at the 22nd Cannes Film Festival in 1969 it wasn't well received, and has gained cult status over the years due to overnight showings on local and cable TV.

Art and Write up by Larry King

Special Thanks to Larry King for helping me with some fill-in material over the last few weeks while I prepare for Denver Zine Fest!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Multiversal Pictures: Ladyhawke

Ladyhawke (2012) In this hilarious, self-aware reimagining of the 1985 fantasy favorite, youthful thief Phillipe Gaston (Jay Baruchel) befriends Capt. Navarre (Chris Hemsworth), a man with a strange secret. Navarre and his lover Lady Isabeau d'Anjou (Kristin Bell) were cursed by the wicked Bishop of Aquila (Jeremy Irons), who desires Lady Isabeau for himself. His dark magic prevents the pair from ever being in each other's presence except at twilight, so they enlist Gaston and Imperious the Confessor (Seth Rogan) in a hilarious plot to overthrow the Bishop and break his evil enchantment.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Multiversal Pictures: RacquetSlam

RacquetSlam (2012) When tennis pro Alex 'Ace' Anderson (Kevin James) is framed for cheating by rival Gary Helman (Allen Covert) he's forced out of pro tennis.  Alex ends up working in a rundown neighborhood rec center when a chance encounter with brothers Walter (David Spade) and Benny (Rob Schneider) leads Alex to the strange world of underground extreme tennis. 

Walter and Benny are The Demolishers, two-time doubles champions of World Xtreme Tennis, trying to mount a comeback.  They need help and Alex needs the money.  He only agrees to train them, but before you know it he's burning up the courts in WXT singles competition as 'The Ace' and getting on the nerves of WXT's megalomaniac owner Lance Vanders (Vince Vaughn). 

Alex also catches the eye of WXT Women's Champion Valerie Vixen (Anna Faris). Lance has his own designs on Valerie and he vows to destroy Alex, The Demolishers and anyone who sides with them.  It all comes to a head at RacquetSlam the Pay Per View that will make or break WXT! 

With cameos from the worlds of both Tennis and Sports Entertainment, RacquetSlam serves up  Xtreme action and Xtreme comedy!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Multiversal Pictures Presents: Karate Mann (2015)

Karate Mann (2016) - In his youth Eddie Mann (Danny McBride) learned all about being a man from his karate teacher and mentor Mr. Lee (James Hong). After Mr. Lee's death Eddie's life is in shambles. 

He's losing his business, his wife Judith (Jane Krakowski) and what's left of his self respect.

His dojo is losing students to the corporate run Kobra Kool Dojos owned by Mr. Lee's creepy rival Franklin 'the Kobra' Cohenburg (Henry Winkler). Eddie suspects his wife is cheating on him with his former best friend Alan (Ken Marino) who now runs the Kobra Kool Dojo in Eddie's neighborhood., and he has no idea what his last loyal employee, Jack (Al Leong), is up to in the dojo after hours. 

Haunted by near constant, taunting visions of the late Mr. Lee, Eddie has to put his life back together before it's too late, using the only thing he's ever known - karate!  

Clever fight sequences meet hilarious comedy in the sleeper hit of 2015 Karate Mann!

Art by Larry King

Friday, June 5, 2015

Coming Soon: Denver Zine Fest & Multiversal Pictures

I am currently busy preparing to attend the Denver Zine Fest at the end of June, and much of my time has been diverted away from drawing Brain Teaser to getting mini-comics and other stuff ready for my first ever convention! I'm really excited about this and if you are in Denver on June 27th, I hope you'll stop by and say, 'Hello'!

With that in mind, over the next couple weeks I'll be presenting a side project done in conjunction with Larry King, my talented partner on the Media Montage Podcast. Larry kindly agreed to help me out with some fill-in materials while I get ready for the Zine Fest You should check out his awesome art and comics at his Deviant Art page. I'll also have a bunch of Larry's comics for sale at my table, so come check it out!

Larry and I frequently look at movies on the podcast and we began imagining movies that seem like they could or should exist. We figured in an infinite multiverse, any movie that could exist, does exist in the Universe Next Door. So in the tradition of Comics That Never Existed, we present:

Movie Posters for Movies From the Universe Next Door.
Look for them starting next Monday!